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Faerie Bubbles
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Faerie Bubbles pop if you get three of the same type together, and it's up to you to clear each level by popping all of them. Use the left and right arrow keys to move the bubble cannon and press the space bar to fire.

If you get four or more bubbles together you will set off a combo. The first three are good combos, and the bottom three are bad combos.

  • Water - This destroys all water bubbles on the screen.
  • Light - This changes all bubbles touching the combo to a random colour.
  • Fire - This burns all non-water bubbles that touch the combo.
  • Air - This is BAD. Don't do an air combo, seriously.
  • Earth - This makes a new line of bubbles appear.
  • Dark - All the bubbles in the combo will turn to random types.

The less moves you complete each level in, the higher your score will be. Also look out for Nova and Rainbow bubbles, each with their own special effects!

Just in case you didn't know - you can click the little X in the top left hand corner of the game board to get options such as turn music off and restart.

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