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Web of Vernax
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In this game you play a hungry Spyder. The poor little unsuspecting Vernax are just merrily trotting around, minding their own business, and it's your job to capture them and gobble them up!

To play, you use the mouse. You have to spin your webs and try and capture the Vernax in the smallest area possible. To make a web, click the left mouse button somewhere on the game area, drag the mouse in the direction you wish to go, and then release the button, you will then start moving in that direction. Once you hit a web, or the edge of the screen your web will turn a solid grey colour. To trap a Vernax try and enclose it in the smallest area possible.

Beware - if one of the Vernax hits your web before it hardens you will lose a life. Also, you are against the clock... Spyders have very fast metabolisms, and if you run out of time you will starve. If that wasn't enough, a mutant Red Spyder will appear in the later levels to eat your web!

Lastly, pick up Spyder Bites for extra points. Good luck!

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