Frequently Asked Questions

Daily Dare FAQ

1) What is Daily Dare?

Daily Dare is a gaming event that will run from July 31st 10:00 am through August 21st. This year, you can challenge either AAA or Abigail. If you match or beat AAA's or Abigail's scores, you will win prizes! You can also earn a trophy at the end of the event.

2) How long will Daily Dare last?

Daily Dare will run for 21 days, starting on Wednesday, July 31st at 10:00AM NST and running through August 21st, 11:59:59 PM NST. The first day will last for one and half days ending on 1st August at 23:59:59. From 2nd day onwards, each day will last for 24 hours.

3) Do I have to be logged in or signed up to play Daily Dare?

Yes. Your scores won't be counted and you won't be able to earn prizes or trophies unless you're logged into Neopet

4) Do I get a prize for playing every day?

If you complete a challenge on the day it is released, you will receive a bonus prize with your other prize that day. You won't receive this prize if you complete the challenge after the day on which it is released

5) I challenged AAA, but I changed my mind. Can I switch to Abigail?

Sorry, no. Once you have selected a challenger, you cannot change. Make sure you practise before making your choice, so you know which opponent you want to challenge.

6) I challenged AAA, but I can't seem to match or beat his score in today's game -- can I still win a prize?

If you can match or beat that score before the end of Daily Dare, you will still win his prize. However, you won't get the bonus prize if you can't win on the day the game is launched. Also if you don't eventually beat or match AAA's score in every challenge prior to midnight on August 21st, 2019, you won't qualify for the gold trophy tier.

7) What are the Daily Dare trophy levels?

There are four trophy levels this year for Daily Dare:
Gold : Beat AAA at each challenge.
Silver : Complete all challenges before the end of Daily Dare, beating AAA at least once.
Bronze : Beat Abigail at each challenge.
Participant : Beat or match at least one AAA or Abigail score by the end of the event.
Whether or not you participate every day does not play into the trophy tiers.

8) What if I miss a day?

You can still earn the prizes for that day by matching or beating AAA's or Abigail's score for that game on another day. However, you won't get the bonus prize for that day.

9) Why didn't I get the Site Theme for Daily Dare?

The site theme will only be awarded to users who have not earned it in the past, so if you already have the Daily Dare site theme, then congratulations! You can find it in your Site Preferences at