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Software Links

Many of you have e-mailed in asking us what software we use to create the artwork on Neopets. Most of the programs we use have free trials and demo periods so you can see if you like them before you buy. Some software programs only let you use certain features in the trial, but most of the ones we use have full access for a limited time. The full versions range in price from nothing to several hundred U.S. dollars.

Browsers and Plug-ins

How the site looks and what you can and cannot do often depends on what browser you are using. A browser is the program that you view Web pages, such as Neopets, through. There are several to choose from including Internet Explorer, Netscape, AOL, and Opera. It is important to keep updating your browser when a new version comes out so you can see the latest animations, games, and effects. Neopets strongly recommends using Internet Explorer, as we have had no problems playing the site with this browser. You can download the latest version for free here!

A plug-in is a small program that adds extra features onto your existing browser. This helps you see the latest animations and games, even if your browser is not the latest version. The main advantage of newer browsers is that they come with these plug-ins already installed.

Many of the games and animations on Neopets use Flash. To be able to play or see these, you need the free Flash Player. Click below to download the Flash plug-in.

Download the Flash Player now!

QuickTime is not used on Neopets yet, but a lot of sites do show mini-movies, trailers, and animations using QuickTime. You can download the QuickTime plug-in here for free.

Art Programs
These are the programs we use frequently on Neopets and some cheaper alternatives if your budget cannot stretch to top brand names.

Macromedia Flash - Most of the art, animation, and games on our site is created with this great program. This is a 30-day free trial.
Jasc Paintshop Pro - A program for image editing and drawing - a cheaper alternative to Adobe Illustrator. This is a 30-day trial.
Jasc Animation Shop - A brilliant program to start creating your own animations, banner and web graphics. This is a 30-day trial that comes free with Paintshop Pro.
Adobe Illustrator - An industry standard for drawing computer graphics. You cannot save with this trial version.
Macromedia Freehand - An industry standard for drawing computer graphics. This is a 30-day trial.