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All the Petpets

Here is a list of (nearly) all the Petpets your Neopet can adopt! Petpets are usually very expensive... but worth it! If you have a Petpet, they may also help you out in a Battledome fight! The RARE Petpets are not listed here.

Ohh...this Spyder is creepy...make sure your Neopet isnt afraid of it!!!
Buzz buzz buzz!  Keep your pet happy all day, playing with this buzzy thing!
Angelpi are sweet adorable little kitties for your Neopet to look after.
It looks like a Petpet, acts like a Petpet, but when frightened, it makes a loud wail like a Wocky!
It looks really mean but the Cobrall is a great companion for any Neopet. It can spit Negg juice up to 30 feet.
These rather sad looking Petpets cant move very fast and often end up being carried by their owners.
A Warf is a cross between a thingy, and erm...something else!
With its huge sticky feet and incredible sense of balance the Hopso can leap from anywhere and land on anything.
This pretty puppy will fetch anything that is thrown for it.  It eats almost anything!  It loves children, too!
It rarely opens its mouth, but when it does, its 20 foot long tongue can catch any fly.
The Poppit is a strange insect like creature. It uses suction to stick onto walls, and if it needs to, it sucks air into its body and can fire itself up into the sky!
What Spardels lack in intelligence they more than make up for with love.
Babaas are easily scared and will hide under your Neopets bed when suprised.
This double horned fishy thing can breathe out of water.  Nuranna also have the ability to float in mid air for short periods of time.
With two pairs of ears Urchulls are very good at listening, if you get them to stop chattering that is.